Capybara Evolution: Clicker

Capybara Evolution: Clicker is a fun skill game that takes you on a delightful journey with the adorable capybara! Let's take care of your capybaras so they grow large and lovely!

To earn money in Capybara Evolution: Clicker, simply click on the capybara constantly. The faster you press, the faster it will level up and reward you with massive bonuses. Your pet will increase in size and look as you progress through the levels. Explore fashionable collections featuring this beautiful animal, such as sunglasses, caps, and necklaces. To earn money faster, buy automatic clicks in the store and earn money at your leisure. So, are you ready to transform your cute capybaras into fashionable stars? Press the play button to start exploring Capybara Evolution: Clicker now!


  • Left-click on the character to level up

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