Egg Dash

Welcome to the world of Egg Dash's musical rhythm background! The basic goal is to control an egg and leap across platforms while avoiding traps to the beat of the music. Try it immediately, and your reflexes will improve dramatically.

Egg Dash is a platform game built on the popular Geometry Dash's original material. Forget the plain geometric shapes; you'll be followed by a lovely, beautifully patterned egg in an endlessly tough race. This edition will instantly surprise you with its sharp, appealing 3D graphics. The game is difficult from the start and will gradually become more difficult as you progress through the levels. Explore brightly colored locations with dim neon lighting as your egg races and jumps across platforms. How long can you survive in Egg Dash?


  • Use the AD keys or left/right arrow keys to navigate
  • Press the up arrow key or W key to jump up
  • Use the left mouse button to dig or place blocks
  • Press E to open items and E to eat or take items

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