Amanda the Adventurer 2

Amanda the Adventurer 2 continues to be an adventure to discover the secrets of cassette tapes. Players take on the role of a character who is conducting an investigation into their attic. In the hidden treasure, there is an old tape that is suspicious and stimulates your curiosity. With familiar images from a childhood program, the character cannot remember the details. Discovery begins here with familiar appearances, but there are also surprises waiting.

The first-person perspective of Amanda the Adventurer 2 brings the most realistic experience to players. Different scenes come with difficult missions that you need to face, such as solving puzzles, fighting, and collecting power-ups to increase your score.


  • The appearance of a few new characters: Wooly Sheep, the character who will help Amanda on her mission; Riley, a boy who is doing everything he can to save Wooly; and Entity, a mysterious creature that will cause certain obstacles for Amanda.
  • New levels with unique themes like forests and haunted houses.
  • New challenges like puzzles, boss fights, and some other platforming challenges.


First of all, you need to create a new profile in Amanda the Adventurer 2 and choose the right difficulty level to get started. Players use mouse clicks to direct the character's movement. At the same time, in case you need to solve a puzzle, use the character keys on the keyboard as usual to type the answer.

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