Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown continues the enthralling neon cube high-speed racing experience of the renowned Geometry Dash series. You'll be in control of an eye-catching geometric cube that hops between platforms, dodging traps and obstacles while racing forward despite the dangers. Prepare your agile hands to face the game's dark route obstacles.

The controls for the forms in the game are incredibly basic, but after you try to play, you will be astonished at how difficult it is. The cube moves quickly, regardless of how many spikes are in front of it. You will be unable to stop it. Try to keep up with the block's running speed to perform perfect jumps onto high and low platforms in sequence. Try Geometry Dash Meltdown now to find your best performance.


  • To avoid the obstacles in this game, use the up arrow key, spacebar, or left-click.

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