Spooky Dash

Take part in a rhythm race in the scary platform environment of Spooky Dash. If you are familiar with the dynamic cubes from the popular computer game Geometry Dash, you will undoubtedly appreciate this new version. Forget the dynamic square; this luminous pumpkin with a humorous smile will join you on this endless race.

There are still typical problems like spike traps, deep tunnels, and shield walls, but with a 2-star difficulty level in Spooky Dash, you might not be able to live more than 3 seconds. The pumpkin rushes really fast from the start, and the traps are close together, demanding quick reflexes to navigate in time. When you get used to this difficult gameplay, you'll feel ecstatic when you win. Try to achieve high scores to unlock fantastic characters from the store. Get ready for the creepy Halloween theme in Spooky Dash!


  • Press the spacebar or left-click to jump up
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