Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games is an engaging game with a combination of exploration and sports competition. Players take on the role of a cat named Lucky, who explores an island with unprecedented experiences. Your task is to find seven different areas corresponding to the bouncing sport to compete in. You will receive the Sacred Scroll when you win each round. These destinations all feature Japanese geography. The journey becomes even more attractive with instructions from magical creatures with tips and suggestions on a specific strategy.

The appealing plot

Doodle Champion Island Games begins when Lucky arrives on a remote island in Japan, where people from all over the world compete with each other. The first challenge that Lucky needs to overcome are two Komainu with table tennis. After realizing her abilities, the couple introduced Lucky to the seven champions on the island. The appeal of the story of defeating them and becoming a champion stimulated Lucky's fighting spirit. Immediately, the main character made a plan to conquer these challenges. The seven corresponding sports that will help her obtain the Sacred Scroll include:

  • Beach running competition.
  • Attractive table tennis in the bamboo forest.
  • Artistic swimming competition.
  • Archery match next to the lotus pond.
  • Competing with tough rugby.
  • Difficult mountain climbing challenge.
  • Skateboarding competition in Tanooki City.

After completely defeating all the champions, Lucky obtained the Sacred Scroll and opened the scene of a blooming cherry tree in the middle of the island. She received everyone's applause and officially became the Champion.


Each different sport in Doodle Champion Island Games has different operations. However, players can use the arrow keys to control the character's movements. At the same time, you use the spacebar to perform other actions, depending on the characteristics of each sport.

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