Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

Geometry Dash Jawbreaker is one of Nines Circles Levels' most iconic platformers. This game impresses players not only with its challenging challenge, but also with its incredibly outstanding creativity when compared to previous versions. With an average difficulty level, the game is well worth a try for seasoned gamers who enjoy simple Geometry Dash games.

In Geometry Dash Jawbreaker, you can do trap-avoiding jumps that complement the game's melodic tone. Each of your jumps will be as exhilarating as gliding through musical notes, making your trap avoidance not only interesting but also passionate. Skillfully guide your geometry to hop perfectly over spiked fences and jagged traps. The goal is to go as far as possible, which corresponds to a greater score. Now, let's get into the ultimate Geometry Dash Jawbreaker moves!


  • Start the game by pressing the spacebar, left mouse button, or up arrow key

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