Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Geometry Dash Poltergeist is an adventure platform game with Nine Circles levels that promises to be very entertaining and demanding from the start. It's still a fast-paced adventure with familiar geometry to test your response skills. However, prepare yourself mentally to avoid becoming enraged, as this version is so difficult that most players cannot progress beyond 2 points on their first attempt. The tunnel for your cube to move through is quite cramped, with numerous dangerous platforms and spikes. The block moves so quickly that you don't have time to look, causing you to fall into a trap and lose your life. To survive the game's early levels, you must maximize your reflex skills. However, don't worry; once you complete the first half of the game, the next step will be considerably easier. Now, conquer the challenges in Geometry Dash Poltergeist!


  • Press the left mouse button/spacebar/up arrow key to jump up

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