Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

In the adventure game Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams, you must overcome the game's difficult levels against the romantic backdrop of a purple night. ItzAspi designed this version, which features lovely music notes and balls in the stages. Furthermore, the lovely sounds that accompany each step of the geometry are a draw for players in this game.

Unlike other Nine Circles levels variations, Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams has no coins to acquire in the levels. Your goal is to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. But that doesn't imply the tasks in this game are easy; consecutive tight waves will test your ability to navigate spike-filled tunnels. Explore the various interfaces into which your cubes will evolve as you progress through the stages. Can you finish the Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams adventure?


  • Pressing the spacebar or left mouse button will cause the character to jump or fly up in the air.

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