Sky Balls 3D

Prepare to explore the skill adventure game Sky Balls 3D and participate in an exhilarating race across the game's deadly thousand-meter-high bridge. To arrive at your destination as quickly as possible, guide your ball along the safest path. Are you able to complete all of the challenges?

Sky Balls 3D provides intense and visually appealing racing for two players, but if you have no prior experience, you can practice and improve your steering in one-player mode. Your goal is to guide the ball over hurdles in a scary maze that also contains many tempting gold coins. The ball will be more difficult to handle than you expect, so you must respond fast and skillfully to drive the wheel through the track's tough changes. Try not to miss any gold coins because they will boost your score significantly. Each race has only one life, so attempt to finish the course without falling into the abyss to save your ball. If you're ready to begin playing Sky Balls 3D right away, simply touch the play button.


  • Move the ball using the arrow keys
  • Press the up arrow key to jump up

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