Granny is a horror escape game with a dark atmosphere that can make you shiver. Players will experience the most horrifying moments to escape the captivity of the weird grandmother. A small sound also makes it possible for the player to be detected because the villain is always alert. Terrain and objects in the house can make you hide from Granny in an emergency, such as in a closet or under the bed. But these places are not absolutely safe.

Explore the exotic gameplay

Players join Granny from a first-person perspective. This feature makes your experiences more heart-pounding and thrilling. The first scene in the game is that the player will wake up late one night to find a way to sneak out of a grandmother's house. You have to find your way out through creepy old rooms and hallways. The only light you can rely on is the flashlight on the table.

You need to make sure that all movements are gentle so as not to make any noise. Granny has very good hearing and can hear the smallest sounds. She will immediately run to you and scare you with a scary stick. If you don't have time to find a place to hide, you will see the villain rushing towards the screen, which may cause you to fall backwards.

Every time you are caught again, the round will restart with the scene of waking up in bed. You only have five days to escape, or you will be imprisoned in this evil house with your weird grandmother forever!


  • The arrow keys or WASD, are to move.
  • Move the mouse to look around.
  • C key: crouch or stand.
  • R key: hide or unhide.
  • E key: pick something up or interact with some actions.
  • The left-click: to shoot.
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